Cole Bradley Captures Nostalgic Young Love in New Single “Since College”

Cole Bradley debuts his new single, “Since College,” available everywhere now.
“Since College” was co-written by Cole Bradley (aka Cole Hruska) and Meagan Allen, and produced by Grammy Award-Winning producer Noah Gordon, who Bradley said did an incredible job of helping capture the emotion of the track. During the writing process, it was important to Bradley that they capture the essence of how fleeting young love can be and to take the listener back to that “first love feeling” while remembering how special that emotion was.
“I remember being an eighteen-year-old college kid when I first fell in love, but I was too young and naïve to truly understand how special that love was,” says Cole. “This song is about being young and thinking “forever” but inevitably it doesn’t work out the way it’s supposed to.”
Download/Stream “Since College” HERE


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